Believe me or not, but I find it important to know how to Do Things. Lots of things. Survival things. Building things. Project things. Because despite what you see of me in public, sometimes I look away from the screen. Because sometimes I don’t want to “google” the how-to. Because sometimes I want to know how to Do Things without dependence on something else to tell me how.

As a culture, we’ve been building up all of these extreme reasons for knowing how to survive, how to build, how to grow, how to prosper and thrive in the face of adversity. The reasons are many and usually tinged with future fear. Some cite the potential for civil war. Some cite impending societal collapse. Most popular is the threat of zombie apocalypse, as credible as that is.

I’m sorry to tell you, kids, but these are very, very thin reasons. You don’t learn how to survive and make an island of stability in a world of chaos on the off-chance that the shit will come down within your lifetime. No. The only reason, the only reason we should know how to Do Things is because it is what is expected of us as functioning adults. That’s it.

Put down the video game, close the browser, put the smartphone back on the table, and look at the faces in front of you. Be one of the grown-ups around you. Fix a car, build a shelter, plant a crop, prepare a feast, mend a wound, anything. Your services are badly needed.

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  1. Amen! I don’t grow my own food, sew my own clothes, raise livestock, or any of the other stuff that people look at me crazy about becasue I am scared. I do it because i don’t like being dependant on someone or something that I know I can produce a better product at. And honestly I also kind of like showing people up ;)

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