Writing music is difficult, because I don’t know if I’m drawing the right image, putting forth the right motif, or using the right instrument to induce the intended feeling in the listener. And when I press Record, I find myself out of the moment because I just pressed the damned Record button and I have to get back into it before I screw up notes. And then there’s fixing the recordings, and arranging the parts, and “Woah-my-god why did I write that part? It doesn’t fit!” Mute clip and re-record.

Mixing music is damned hard, because no matter how far I go, no matter how much I stroke the mix, clean the sound, I’m never certain if I’m going in the right direction. Sometimes, it seems the more I do the worse it gets. And the Undo history is a line, not a tree; it’s easy enough to test Before and After, but difficult to test Before, After 1, and After 2. And when you get three steps down the road, you realize your chosen After was the wrong one. The sound might be loud enough that my deaf ears can hear it, but the channels could be clipping or maxing out. And then when I render a mix and play it on my PC or in my car, the sound is totally not what I expected.

I guess it’ll take time getting the hang of it. I mean, “The Downward Spiral” wasn’t mixed in a day, and that was by professionals. Why should my own hobbyist experience be any different?

A song is finished when the musician is tired of screwing with it.

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