Budge Packing

Quick note to inform you guys that I’m intending to move out of my apartment by month’s end. The neighbors upstairs have gotten aggressive with their noisemaking, and since my lease expires on the 30th, it’s high time to get the fuck out. Tired of being rudely awakened every morning before 7 by their stomping and chores. We had a “discussion” in the breezeway yesterday, and it came out that my sarcastic note on their door (as well as my banging on my ceiling) meant I was an asshole. “At least have the decency to talk to us,” they said. Like that would end well.

That was all the prompting I needed to find a place and get wheels in motion. I checked out a place coming up for rent that adds 120 square feet for only $85 more. It’s one more exit up MoPac, but I’ll live. Put in my application, application fee, and earnest money on the place…here’s hoping my rental and background check come up OK. Assuming that’ll fly, then I got it. Here’s hoping.

Rented a storage unit as a way-station for my packing. It’s what I did last time I moved, and it proved immensely useful to have things mostly moved out so all I needed to do on moving day was furniture and a few final boxes, and then move all my stuff from the storage unit to my new place on my own leisure. I’m doing that this time, too, mostly to ensure that I can get out as fast as possible.

In that light, I’ve been digging through my boxes. Can you believe I’ve come across at least five boxes full of miscellaneous paper crap that I’ll never, ever need? We’re talking bills from 1997, check stubs from jobs I had a decade ago, paperwork for health insurance I’m no longer covered by. Like who the hell needs that crap?

If it’s older than 2007, do I really need it? No. No I don’t. So unless it’s something interesting, like a sketch, doodle, greeting card, letter, tax paperwork, or something to do with any of my current concerns, it’s perfect fodder for the shredder and trash bag. Seriously, I’ve collected too much bullshit, and it’s time to clean that bull out. So far, I’ve liberated five boxes. Immensely gratifying. And there’s more to come!

I’m really hoping I’ll get this place. It’s got a balcony, it’s upstairs, has outside storage, and except for the smaller kitchen is more spacious. There’s some quirks that I’ll have to adjust to, but all told, it’s a change for the better. Wish me luck.

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