Holy Marketrix, Daftman!

So I got shown up.

I had the strange fortune the other evening to share my table in a crowded coffeeshop with an interesting woman. She needed a place to sit, she asked, I offered the other half of my table. I noticed that her laptop was festooned with a menagerie of Drupal stickers, Drupal being a website creation framework that I’ve looked at for my own needs but turned down on its apparent complexity.

“Strange,” I thought. “She’s a girl, and she apparently likes Drupal!” The chauvinist in me short-circuited for a minute as he tried to reconcile the fact that technically-minded women do exist. This is the modern age, mind you. “Well, then. That’s kinda hot.”

I tried to pay her no attention and keep to my side of the table, being a “nice guy” and all, but the opportunity arose and I had to break the fourth wall. Turns out she’s a marketing girl (a marketing girl!) and she’s fanatical about Drupal. “Full retard,” she said. Worked at several consulting firms that did projects in Drupal, and is now an independent marketing consultant, building sites and blogs for clients, doing SEO and all that Web2.0 stuff. As it happens, we know mutual acquaintances. This town is small, small.

So I confessed to her that I tried looking at Drupal for one of my sites (Glass Door), and found it hard to work with, and that I balked at the need to get my hands greasy in PHP code to customize the site to my likings. She gaffed at that idea, said that it’s so easy to work with. You just install, select your options, and bam it’s customized; no need to write a single line.

I’m humbled. If a non-technical marketing and sales person can grok something that I cannot wrap my head around, I’m doing it wrong. Sounds like I need a major mental reset.

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5 replies on “Holy Marketrix, Daftman!”

  1. Did you ask her out? You should have..her being a tech girl and everything..I have no idea what you two just talked about..lol…

  2. Pleeeeeeeeze tell me you got her number. You know, for technical help. And if you didn’t then plz tell me you will contact the mutual aquaintences and track her down. Please?

    Your personal cheerleader,

    1. If the illusion will help make you happy, then yes, I got her number. Because I wanted technical support. And because all girls want to be asked out on the first meeting. And because I’m a nice guy, and nice guys deserve phone numbers. Because how else will rainbows and puppies? Huh? How else?

  3. Well, Sunshine, you make it sound so sinister. Is there something you need to tell me?

    I didn’t say you should’ve asked her out on your first meeting. I asked if you got her number. Then you could call and chat, maybe find some common ground. Like computer stuff. Eventually, go for coffee. And later, dinner. *gasp*

    Don’t overthink it or put too much importance on a phone number. I was just hoping you were dipping your toes in the water, not suggesting you go skinny dipping.

    Your personal rainbow maker,
    Karen ;-)

    And yes, even smart, successful women like to be asked out.

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