If I could have one wish, I’d like to actually be creative. Proactively creative, procreative, instead of being clever in a reactive, reactionary sort of way. The kind of proactivity that sparks the genesis of an idea, pushes it to germinate, punch through the soil, and grow until it has reached fruition and has born seeds to be carried forth and planted elsewhere.

Most of my creativity comes in the form of reacting to statements, comments, words uttered by others and trying to be witty or charming. It’s obvious to me that it’s gotten me nowhere.

What I’d like is to be one of these intensely creative people I see drawing, painting, writing, recording and turning nothing into a powerful something that moves and inspires others. I’m tired of being the passive inspired. Of being the automatic bear trap. Of sitting in wait for the end so I can begin. My life is half over. What have I to show for it?

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  1. karen spencer says:

    You have, once again, voiced my innermost thoughts and feelings quite eloquently.

    Thank you.

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