It Came From Outer State

Preparing for my mother’s three-day visit for the holiday. It’s been two years since she came to Austin, and it’ll be good to have her here instead of me driving up there for the visit, which I’ve been doing for the past 9 years. It’s nice when family visits me for once.

Had an issue with the heater in my apartment. I get home from being out Saturday night to find the heater running. It’s colder than I wanted, so I turned up the thermostat. Well, a half-hour later, the temp is still the same. Put my hand up to the vent and it’s blowing unheated air. Huh! So, I turned it off and tried to bundle up for a cold night of sleep. Contacted the landlady the next day; she said she’d call the heater tech to come out, and if he couldn’t, she’d get me a portable heater. Of course, he didn’t come out on Sunday (because she’d have to pay him weekend rates), so she shows up with a heater. Thanks a million.

The tech dropped by Monday to take a look, and came by this morning with a rebuilt heater core. I finally have heat again. Luckily for me, the past two days have been warmer than usual (ironic, considering it’s officially “winter” now), so I’ve not really needed a heater. But the next three days, while my mother’s visiting, are predicted to be chilly.

Not sure what we’ll do while she’s here. Sitting at the coffeeshop is prescribed, of course, as is driving around to see the sights. I want to take her out to see “Avatar” in 3D, but I’m not sure what showing or venue we’ll attend. I’m sure any place will be fine. I also want to go see the city’s Trail of Lights; I know it’s been heavily scaled back this year due to budgetary constraints, but we can actually drive to the park and park there, and now that she’s more ambulatory than last time, she might get more enjoyment out of it. I’m thinking that’s an xmas day thing.

So what’s on the menu for xmas dinner? Pot roast, of course! We’ll be doing it up right with an oven and all the trimmings. I guarantee there’ll be leftovers; I’m feeling full already.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your mother and will you please sign up to facebook. I know you have reasons for not wanting to, but I could keep up with you better. Love Ya..Ruth Anne

  2. OMG…You did join facebook..How do I find you…I looked for Shawn Thomas and there was around 200…I think..If you don’t have a picture..I don’t know you..look for me..If you can’t find me any other way..look for under Arkansas High School 1991 graduates…I’m there..I love you..I love you..Merry Christmas…

  3. I am sorry that I missed your mother while she was here, as I was out of town myself. I hope you two had a good holiday visit.

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