On Our Old Acquaintances

Twelve years ago, I ran a site called The Farm. It started as a personal site, but grew to encompass the writings of six other people, three of whom I knew in person, one who I met in chat, and two who found us by happenstance and chose to join us. On the latter category, I had the good fortune to be approached by a stranger named Jef Kearns. He was an unusual cat, but wrote good poetry. Our email exchanges were always meaty, and he expressed his extreme interest in the proper capitalization of his name — jeF kearns — for his postings at The Farm (hey, it was our age for personal redefinition, so I went along with it).

I was poring over a working copy of the old site tonight and thought I’d follow up on Jef, see if any hits came up. Boy howdy they did. It seems our old friend Jef Kearns is an accomplished musician, and has published several albums of his jazz flute and soul music, and has done collaborations with other musicians and lyricists there in his Canadian homeland. Well done, Jef! Happy to have known you!

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