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Ok day. Neurochemicals are in line. On a scale of -∞ to ∞, I rate it a Π.

Still helping my friend Professor Wagstaff move his site to WordPress. We hung out last night to experiment and hash over his hosting options. Looks like his Yahoo! Small Biz hosting account won’t cut it. Yahoo! has a showstopper in that they don’t have support for .htaccess files and most likely don’t support Apache’s mod_rewrite, both of which are integral to WordPress’s permalinks scheme. Without permalinks, every category, page, post and comment would be referenced by an ugly url like Talk about ugly.

On top of that, Yahoo! is charging him $13 a month for his hosting, and he doesn’t even have shell access, multi-user support, or SCP/SFTP. What is this, 2002?

We’ll get his hosting figured out soon enough.

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