It Just Doesn’t Stop

I know it’s sounding like a broken record. That’s what bothers me most about it. My teeth are hurting again. I had a visit with my dentist on monday to get three of my teeth (on the upper right) filled, which he dutifully did. Then at dinner I discovered that my teeth were now more temperature sensitive than before. Great. I’ll acclimate.

Well, the pain started yesterday. Pain like I had a tooth infection, or whatever. Pain almost like the dull, joy-killing pain I had when I first had tooth problems back in February. Almost the same tooth, almost the same spot, which is impossible: that tooth is now dead after the root canal. This tells me a few things: there’s an infection at the roots ($), or my wisdom teeth really need to come out now ($$$), or the filling procedure left me open for infection.

So, for the moment, I’ll go back to the Tylenol and deal with it until my appointment next monday to fill the other 3 cavities. I’ll see if the dentist has anything to say about the pain. I know I can’t afford to pay the $523 upfront cost to get 4 wisdoms pulled. But given that next wednesday is payday and that the oral surgeon makes the visit to my dentist’s office on wednesdays, maybe I can swing getting the two right wisdoms pulled for half the price.

Damn, this sucks.

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