Domains, Registrars, Transfers Oh My

Phaysis has undergone a domain transfer. If you’re able to read this after April 14th, then things went according to plan. For several years running, I’ve been stuck with as the registrar for my domain; it seemed that any time i tried to transfer out, my domain ended up expiring before the tranfer completed. This year, I managed to remember to transfer early enough, but just barely.

The new registrar for is GoDaddy; much more economical than So instead of paying $35/yr (those’re old school rates left over from when was the only domain registrar) I’m now paying less than $9. And now both of my domains (including are at the same registrar. How much better could it be? Heh.

Ok, so enjoy the site, read the sparse journals, look at the old art, and send me an email through the message gateway. Remind me why I should go through this trouble to have a website.

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