Another Transition

2003 is over. Good bye. Was good, but could’ve been better. Everything could’ve been better.

Well, actually, it was better than hoped. If memory serves me right, here were my resolutions for 2003:

  • get a laptop
  • finish my website
  • finish my album
  • get more financially stable

I guess one out of four ain’t bad. Eh? I’m nowhere near finishing the engine for my website, but I have written and put into use my journalling engine. I’m also learning a lot of standardized code practices, and I’m still working on my game, Chrontium, which promises to be pretty cool. I’m also nowhere near finishing my album, but I have a new respect for the creative process, I have some good input on the sound, and I have some new, fresh ideas for lyrics, melody, and so on. Things are gelling a little better. And the fourth one? Feh. That’s anyone’s guess. I did start my 401(k) this year, and I got a savings account. That’s a step forward, right?

I don’t have any resolutions made yet, but one thing that is important on my potential list is attaining better health. I’m not 23 anymore; I’m going on 32. Time to watch the waistline, mind the ticker, pay attention to things. Definitely. This is the only body I’ll get, ever. No remakes, no overhauls, no rebirth or reincarnation. This is it.

I didn’t have any plans for tonight, but luckily my new friends in the local tech community have pulled together something out of nothing, so I’m going over tonight to have something to drink, hang out, meet some more people. And that’s exactly what I need.

My life these days is picking up. More people, like early on when I first moved here. This making of new connections is a good thing; it’s shaking up my stale life in a way, and I’m happy about it. Forward motion, probably, but it’s motion nonetheless.

And that’s about as enigmatic as I’ll get. I’m trying to sort out what I want in my friends, what I need to bring to the table, what I like in women, what my “type” is, all that. The moment I have it nailed down, it’s gone again. That kind of knowledge isn’t meant to be held and examined, it’s meant to be chased, pursued. Relationships are fluid, and there’s no reason why knowing how to make one happen and survive should be static.

So, yeah, this year has been alright. I’m just glad another one is starting. It’s a convenient point to make things happen.

Until next time: see you next year. Har har.

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