Xmas Day in Hindsight

My 10-hour nap is over, and I feel like hell. I really don’t know how you couchsurfers can do it. I slept on the couch here and my back feels like one of those turkish windmill knots that scouts earn merit badges for learning. But I got some sleep, and now that I’ve gotten up and have gotten online, I’m feeling much better. More sane. More like something resembling a human.

Ok. Our Christmas morning went rather well. I gave my mother the album “Cow Pie Blues” from Willie Nelson and a paperback how-to on screenwriting. She was thoroughly ecstatic about her gifts. I was worried, actually, about if she’d like the Willie Nelson disc. All I remember was that years ago, before she started listening to country music, that she’d poke fun of Willie and say things like “Willie Nelson? Eww, gross!” Now she totally digs him. So I’m happy. And her screenwriting book promises to give her most of what she needs to know about the mechanics and preparation of writing a screenplay, which is what she had major worries about. I wish her the best of luck on her writing endeavors.

To my sister, her husband, and their family, I gave DVDs this year. For the grownups, I gave “Bicentennial Man”, which I still haven’t seen and they haven’t heard of. From what I’ve been told, it was a good movie; not as long as “AI” which came out around the same time, but good in the “sad but heartwarming way”. And, for the kids, I got them “Spy Kids”, which they’ve seen on VHS, but now they get to watch whatever special features are on the disc. My sister was completely surprised that all three movies in the “Spy Kids” series were shot and made in Austin.

And that’s basically all the gifts I gave. Bah bumhug. :)

So, yeah, after getting something resembling 3 hours of sleep last night, I had to lay down for a nap this afternoon. I was sitting on the couch watching the TechTV version of “Battlebots” and suddenly it hit me. I was out like a light. Over the course of the evening, I woke up enough to relieve my backpain by moving into a different laying position. This went on until 2:30am, when I finally woke up enough to say, “Y’know, I really should wake up some time, but why does it have to be now when everyone else is asleep? Damn.”

So here I am, it’s almost 4am, everyone but the pets are sleeping, and I’m wide awake and in need of a shower, some food, and a little bit of company.

Ah well. I’ll try to snap some quickcam shots around town and post them. I haven’t seen much of the town on this trip, but I already see some snapworthy crap. Feh.

Ok. Later.

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