Bent Up, Pent Up, and Doubled Over

I am tired of my stomach. If I could have it cheaply removed surgically and still survive without a stomach (and survive the surgery) I probably would do it. I laid down for bed last night and within five minutes I was sitting back up and taking care to not lose my dinner. I turned my lamp on, sat up and focused on breathing. After a ginger candy and some time to steady myself, I made the second attempt for sleep. I felt slightly better this morning, but my rough stomach has been with me all day.

I was talking with “BC” about my stomach problems during a break at work, and he mentioned that I quite possibly have acid reflux or something. Said he found that those who have A-R and smoke are significantly increasing their chances for throat cancer because the acid leaves the throat open for carcinogenic tampering. That was a wake-up call to me. We discussed using Prilosec now that it’s over the counter; he suffers the same thing I do, just not as bad. Said he’s planning on getting a box of it to see how it does.

So, earlier tonight, while at the store, I got a box. Fourteen-day treatment goes for $10. All I know is that a few months ago I got a prescription of it from my doctor and I gave it a pass thinking he just wrote the scrip in order to please his pharmaceutical rep. I probably should’ve filled the order; at least that’s how I feel now while I’m sitting with a sour stomach, rough throat, and churning esophagus. (Yuck, I know.) So, I will be taking my first pill in the morning.

Speaking of morning, tomorrow morning I have to get up early (on a Saturday, no less) to pack up my car and head off to Texas Renaissance Festival for the weekend. My presence is required (Hi Maeralin!), so I dutifully will be going, stomach funk or not. This’ll be my first go at TRF since 2000; it’ll be nice to see what’s changed about it, and see a few old friends from that year (Hi Pete!). And most importantly I’ll be seeing my old friend “Maeralin” who I have not seen in the thirteen years since the summer after our high school graduation in 1990. We’ve been talking online for about 4 years now, and it’s good to finally be able to see her.

As much as I hate traveling, once I get on the road, I’ll be more gung-ho about it. It’s just the preparation, the packing, the looking ahead, the expenditure, the energy it takes to do it, and the nerve-wracking anticipation of dealing with the unexpected on the open road.

Time to gather my things and collect myself for this weekend. I’ll be camping out Saturday night, which I’ve not done in 3 years, and wouldn’t you know it the weatherman says it looks like rain.

It looks like rain. :sighs: Wish me luck.

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