Day 17

I’ve been having a hell of a time with the quitting. Between friday and saturday night / sunday morning, I had a total of 5 cigarettes. Five! That’s a quarter-pack! These smokes didn’t do much to give me a buzz like that one I had earlier in the week; all they did was give me something to breathe and exhale while I was working on my hobbies. There’s nicotine in my system again; the next day or two might be a little rough.

And now, after waking up from a long night, I feel like ass. Cruddy chest, sore throat, and dreams from hell. Today’s a new chance to strengthen and renew my resolve to not smoke.

It is evident to me that I can’t court with smoking and not get pulled back in. I am smoking a lot less than I used to, yes, but having small binges like this still classifies me as a part-time smoker. Could somebody give me a good swift kick to my ass, please? Thanks.

Published by Shawn

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