Days 13 through 16

Hey folks. Been a few days going, but I finally have a bit of time, energy, and attention to sit down and write a log.

Since, oh, Tuesday, I’ve been doing well with my lungs. I discovered Tuesday night, after an absconded cigarette which made my lungs clench and crud up, that for the prior two days I had been breathing clearly and didn’t even realize it. Had one hell of a head rush from the smoke, but the resulting crud made me regret. So, for the past few days I’ve been a good boy until about half an hour ago when I had a Fridaysmoke. I felt it was a suitable reward for a week’s worth of work done and a likely kickoff for the weekend.

My chest currently isn’t tight, or any tighter than it has been, but I know I might have some effects from it. And I’ll be damned, because I didn’t get a buzz like I did Tuesday. I’m thinking these 4-year-old specialty cigarettes I had saved and stored away are kinda funky. Should probably avoid them, and all other smokes, eh?

I have noticed, though, that when I’m working on one of the machines at work, my chest kinda tightens up because of the stretching I do to reach the top of the machine to load paper into a bin. Something about stretching my ribcage makes my cartillage and solar plexus tingle and feel kind of tense. It’s odd.

And it’s more odd still that now I really don’t think much of taking breaks at work. The thought never really occurs to me. Could I be on my way to being more productive? Heeeey. I’m just happy, so happy, that I can go through my day and not really think about smoking, or not smoking, any more. Doing that a lot less.

It’s all about rewriting habits. Change the habits, change the body. Change the body, change the mind. I like how that works.

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