Day Nein!

Yesterday wasn’t too bad. At work I was quite physically active, and my lungs were keeping up with me. The crud has been dissappating, and for that I am very happy. Still having coughs in the mornings, but that’s to be expected after a night’s sleep. Still having bronchial spasms and chest tightness; sometimes it happens when I stretch my chest out. :shrugs: Every now and then the quitter’s flu pops up with that sick feeling, and my head’s sinus cavities are still messed up from non-exposure to smoke, but if this is my body’s way of dealing with getting rid of eight years’ worth of toxins, then I welcome it.

I do have a confession, though. Yesterday, since I worked my ass off at work, I felt like I should reward myself with a cigarette. I told my friend BC3 about my plan, and he was about to slap me silly until I sat down and decided against it. Well, last night I made the decision to borrow a cigarette and I smoked it in two shifts. Before you lynch me, listen to me: after not having a smoke in 9 days (a stupendous feat if you ask me), while smoking that cigarette I totally forgot why I started smoking. That damned thing was harsh, the smoke was really thick and choking, and the nicotine rush was really dizzying and left me with a headache. After nic-fitting for 9 days, after that smoke I really don’t want any more for a long time. The experience was rather lackluster. :sighs: Some would say that was a good thing, yes?

I woke up this morning from a long slew of really weird dreams (having those a lot lately — I blame altered neurochemistry) and had a small cough. Still have a small headache, but I’ve been having that for the past few days at the least. Having some wasabi peas to see if I can get some of my sinus stuff to drain.

I’m still looking forward to the day when my non-smoking is not a topic of conversation. Give it a few weeks or months; it’ll be fine. We’ll see what today, day ten, holds.

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