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One thing I will admit is that I’m seriously craving a smoke lately. Something tells me I’m probably dealing with secondary physical withdrawals. Shit. Actually, right now I’m dealing with a tight chest, again. This has been an ongoing thing, every damned day for the past month or longer. Getting tired of it. Seriously.

Tonight, though, I’m going through periods alternating from nicotine craving to chest tightness, each lasting about a half hour. And it’s been like this all day. Where the hell was this chest tightness yesterday, when I was at the cardiologist’s office, huh? Shit. Well, if you take this tightness, throw in some random, lagging “flu-like” feelings, some dizziness and some stomach upsets, and mix it all up for good measure, you have what I’m feeling. Yep. Another Shawn-fueled panic attack.

And yes, as predicted, I’m starting to get irritable. Quite irritable. Not quite irritable enough to snap someone’s head off, just enough to get annoyed and pissed at little things. Yep. These are tough times.

And I really, really should stop this bitching. It’s pissing me off. Seriously. Um, yeah, fuck you too.

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