Keepin’ up with the Bones

Just a quick update:

I’m working on making the html of Phaysis a little more robust. It’s still a little screwy in IE (all versions), but looks fine in Mozilla. Netscape 4+ is just right-out. :sighs: Really goes against my drive for cross-browser, cross-platform design techniques. It’s a learning process, at least. :shakes fist at the CSS gods:

I haven’t written anything substantial on the website engine in roughly 2 weeks. Been too busy doing other stuff, and sitting down to code this particular chunk of program code is taxing at best. I wonder if I’m going about it all the right way, or if this chunk is really necessary. :shrugs: I’ll make some decisions about it soon.

I visited Texarkana last weekend. It was good to spend some decent time with my family saturday night. None of my sister’s kids were sick, her husband was available, and mom was doing well, so we all had dinner together at mother’s house. I decided to forego visiting some people, namely Moderne Primitives, in order to hang with the fam for a few hours longer, and it was worth it. It almost made the 13 hours (!!) on the road last weekend worth it (where the hell is high-speed rail when we need it?).

I smelled natural gas around my apartment complex’s courtyard last night, and it kinda freaked me out. When I came home from work this afternoon, I still kinda smelled it, so I called the landlord. His assistant told me that the landlord was over here at this complex this morning and noticed the smell. He investigated and found an open valve in the vacant apartment directly underneath mine! Holy shit! It’s since been closed, but I’ll still keep my paranoid nose in the air for it. That shit scares the bejeezus out of me; everything I own, car excluded, is in this apartment. Ugh

My 11-day absence from Mojo’s has been kind of refreshing. I’m spending more time at home lately, which is kind-of a good thing. I’m also out doing other things that I skipped-out on when I spent all my time in one place every night. I’ve found it surprising how much larger this town has gotten now that I’m not a regular anywhere. Breaking habits is the first step to listening for Serendipity’s call. She knows my number.

And you folks who “miss me” know my number too.

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