All your Bass are Belong to Neighbor

Drove around tonite for a bit, just long enough to get a little wound up. Went home and made a valiant effort to sit down, relax, meditate, breathe and try to think of nothing.

It was successful until about 10 o’clock, when my neighbor decided to crank up his bass car and visit with buddies in the parking lot beneath my window.

If I only had balls.

It looks as though I’ll be going to Texarkana by myself this weekend. :sighs: It’s par for the course, really. It’s great to make plans, but shit always happens. I’ll get to visit with my mother, my family, and some of my friends, but if left up to my own devices instead of being driven to show someone around town, this same damned scenario will play out:

I’ll wake up late saturday, shuffle around the house, watch some TV, eat something, lazily take a shower, and by the time I leave the house to visit with people it’s 8pm. I zip by Moderne Primitives just in time to say “hi” before they close, and then I go to my friends’ clump of houses to hang out until too late, usually doing nothing but talking or watching TV. If it’s 1am or something, I might go to Denny’s. Elsewise, I drive back out to the country to slump back onto my mother’s couch and nod off.

I usually get woken up Sunday by visitors or something, laze around, chat with mom, fully intending to see more friends or maybe extended family, then I have to shower, pack up my things, and leave town around 7pm, which becomes 8pm, which becomes 8:45pm, etc., etc. By the time I reach Austin, it’s around 3am, I’m tired as hell, and the distance from Georgetown to my exit in Austin grows longer and longer. After pulling in, I grab my stuff, haul it back upstairs to my apartment (usually in 2 or 3 loads), check my spam, say “hi” to a few folks online, and then pass out to wake up 4 hours later for work.

Believe me, I know this routine.

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