Ah, saturdays

Tired. Slept a long time today. Woke up around 5 this afternoon, thinking it was 2:30. Silly me, eh? Waiting on my friend Ernie to come by. He needs me to caravan with him from Round Rock to downtown Austin. He bought a new car today, so he’ll be driving his new car to my apartment, then we’ll go to the dealership, pick up the rental, and take it back to the agency downtown. Then we’ll come back here to pick up his new, hopefully sweet, ride. Go Ernie. Go Ernie.

Some guys have all the luck.

Woke up with an odd craving for some Galactic Cowboys. An album I’ve not listened to in about a year. Song? “Kill Floor.” Hehe.

“There’s nothing to do when I check out. (OUT!)
So me and my hammer go house to house. (HOUSE!)
Blood doesn’t bother me no mo-o-o-ore
I’m workin’ on the kill floor”

Yessir, that was an odd one. But I’m listening now. Overall really good album for just rocking out, which is what I do best. :grins:

Had a party to go to last night, but didn’t go. Why? Hmm. Had other plans. Was hanging out and didn’t want to leave good company. Was actually having decent conversation, fruitful dialog, and lots of laughs. Feh. That sounded shallow. Was actually good I just hung out instead of foreshortening the visit and leaving for the party. Didn’t quite feel like drinking my fill of al-key-hawl.

You’d think with the way I don’t drink I was a straightedger. Feh. Not really. It’s just rare I drink. You know the drill.

Ok, folks. Hopefully Ernie will show up soon. Hopefully so, anyway. I could’ve had a shower by now. Ugh. Ah well. Y’all have a good night.

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