Ah, boredom.


Ok, I’m kinda bored. Have a few project ideas. I know which project I need to be working on – Glyph, my website engine, for one. Hmm. Working on this journal script gave me a few ideas and helped me clarify, for myself, some methods in doing what I want to do with the main engine. It’s just sad that the total “working time” for building this engine is, um, something like 3 years. And still no palpable results. But that’s changing.

No, really.

Ok. So work sucks. The work itself is kinda light right now; it’s just the interpersonal bullshit between workers. Had a coworker cuss me out unexpectedly last week. I was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, and I was there to receive his misguided anger. What makes me even more angry is that he hasn’t even apologized. I don’t expect him to. We haven’t said two words to each other since the incedent. Whatever. Fuck ‘im. The whole thing only clarified to me, in bold, beautiful colors, that I’m not there to make friends. Apparently, workplace comeradery simply doesn’t exist there in that department.

Ah, well.

Enjoy my site, what little there is of it. Funny that I pay $20us a month for web hosting space (with a slow database server, at that), and $34 for two years of domain name purchases. Aah, phaysis.com. How you are a labor of love. Hopefully soon I’ll get around to cleaning things up around here, giving everything a uniform look. It’s all kinda cludged-together right now. Priorities, man.


Ok. If you’re reading this, then, um, message me or something. Ok? It’d be nice to know someone out there visits my site. My server logs show me I’m getting a lot of hits from viewers that aren’t of the human persuasion. Damned bots. Ah well. So long as Google visits.

Show me some love.

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