2002.09.27 (from the archives)

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2002.09.27 – 3:30am

It is time for a change. Patrick, one of my roomates, and I will be moving into a new place. Due to some situations surrounding us and a lot of details I won’t go into here on this site, both of us decided to take our housing situation into our own hands and accelerate the inevitable. Within a few months, we will have had to find a place anyway; now is the best time of the year to do so, what with all the UT students back and apartments sitting there with empty units. I say it’s a damned good time to be a renter. ¡Viva la renter!

It’s a nice, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathroom apartment in a small complex, what looks like it used to be a motel or something, like back when Hwy 290 traffic brought travelers into town. The neighbors appear to be cool, more working-class types, and two of my friends live, like, 2 doors down from us. Gas and water are paid; our only bills will be electricity, and then cable-modem and phone. Believe me, brother, it’ll be nice to live on the cheap. And get this: this place, for its price and location, is huge, something like 930 square feet (which, apparently is “large”). The whole place is very well kept. The pool has been cemented-over, apparently after a previous resident tried to jump into it from the second-floor balcony. (True Darwinism at its finest, folks.) The grounds outside the complex are OK, but the open-air courtyard is well maintained. Even the railings have a good solid coat of aqua-green paint. Nice, nice.

I can’t wait to begin moving next week. But no rest for the wicked until it’s done. (*yawn*)

It’s bedtime for Bonzo. G’nite.

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