2002.10.30 (from the archives)

Part of a series of posts from my old website archives. Enjoy!

2002.10.30 – 2:00am

Hey folks. Things are gearing up for Halloween celebrations. Not sure what I’m going as, but it’ll come to me in the last minute. So far, pretty much going as what I went as last year. A minor demon. Ah well. Nothing like getting more mileage out of my horns. Maybe I’ll post some pics.

The new apartment is swell. It’s peaceful. Cheap. Slowly getting the home network set up and installed. We’re operational, but the cables on the floor ain’t pretty. I was amazed how easy it was to set up my linux server with two ethernet cards, routing, NAT, and firewalling. Some complications, some package reinstalls, but it’s working like a dream. I like.

We still don’t have a microwave oven, but somehow I don’t think I miss having one around. I’m actually cooking. This is a new thing to me. Heh. Me, actually cooking. What a concept!

I finally bit the bullet. I signed up on an internet personals website. Created a profile, made a picture for it (which I really like), and started sending replies to several women’s cool ads. I finally got a few bites over the weekend. Chatting with a girl who appears to be a real sweetheart. Got to chat with her last night; we’re discussing going to see a live show some time soon. I’m just hoping all this will actually result in something really good. Shawn needs some good in his life.

About my site, I’m not too sure about it’s current design. I kinda like it, but on small browser window it’s downright ugly. Also, the scroller interface seems so…cludgy. I should probably reconsider my design. Then again, if I would actually work on my website engine, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Well, instead of working on my website, I have been working elsewhere. Still staying productive in my hobbies. My latest project, “Terran and Proud” (.avi, 30secs, 9.4megs), just kind of came together two weeks ago. I’m so in love with the look of this video. When I selected the font for this, the rest of it found its voice. It’s like an old reel from the 50’s with a 50’s ideal of the future (did that make sense?). Music is planned for later addition. Yep, another Glass Door project. Take a look (requires the MPEG4 codec).

So long.

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