1999-09-02 The Farm: page2 (from the archives)

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[page 2] what’s important to me.

Growth – old becomes new

Welcome to the new design of The Farm. A simple update was past due, but I had decided that the old format, though cool, was getting tiresome.The old design was designed to take full advantage of the entire browser window and could therefore “self-heal,” but the self-healing format of it was restricting me on the complexity of the layout. I wanted to try-out some new ideas, go back to setting up a mostly self-healing design that would vertically resize while restricting the layout horizontally to 600 pixels. It was only in this way that I could exercise some new concepts I’ve been wanting to do.This design is another step into the direction I want to go with my site design. In case you noticed the swooping title logo (for those with the later browsers), I’ve been teaching myself a lot about dynamic HTML (DHTML). My future design, which is in the works, will rely heavily on DHTML’s abilities to move objects around in the window and to provide a single page to access the entire site through a persistent user interface.

The aim with all of this is to provide this interface in a way that will fully operate “cross-browser” in Netscape Navigator 4.0 and above as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, and also allow for graceful degrading in older browsers which don’t support DHTML features. This involves actually writing two seperate, but interchangeable, interfaces with similar basic functionality. But the real rub is the cross-browser bit.

All those years of being a Netscape evangelist, and now I’m wondering where their glamor has gone. Internet Explorer is so much more simple and powerful. Feh. Hopefully Netscape Navigator 5 will catch up and support a more powerful document object model.

On a good note, I am now employed. I work for [drugstore.com]. I start this friday night. My work hours, in theory, are from 7pm to 7am friday night, saturday night, and sunday night. My job title will be “packing,” which is a fancy way of saying “order verification.” I dread going to work, but it’ll be very good to work again. My sanity is saved from complete obliteration.

The upside to working the weekend shift is that I have four whole days during the week to continue my search for more gainful, dependable employment. I continue to drop-off applications and resumes and dig around online for work either here in Texarkana or down in Austin. I may possibly pick up another part-time job for two or three days a week to make up for lost time. My bills are so pitifully behind, that sounds like a good option. I must only keep my eyes on the light at the end of the tunnel.

That light is independance in Austin.

[Write] me, call me, keep in touch. Except for the weekends, I’ll be around.


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