1999-08-08 The Farm: current news (from the archives)

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Ongoing Goings-On: current news

What is there to say? I start a new job tomorrow which may or may not pan out.

When I clock-in tomorrow morning, I will be one hour shy of being unemployed for a whole sixty days. It’ll feel good to work again.

Whether this new job works out in a favorable manner or not, I’m ready to get back into the flow of society. These past two months have done their part in disorienting me enough to where I’ll take anything that comes along.

Hence, this job.

My bills are seriously far behind, and the spectre of dealing with them looms over me, but I can catch up and take care of them soon enough. I have that much faith. Actually, the sobriety of taking care of business feels good. I’m starting to have a purpose again, and I’m pleased.

It’s all gonna work out by the time it’s over with. I believe that.

At least that’s what Manic of the dynamic-duo Manic-Depressive is telling me.

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