Pace of Change

Chill wind blows as I upgrade the software that brings Phaysis dot com to you. It’s got some quirks and other things that I’m just not accustomed to. Eventually, it’ll look pretty again. But until then, please enjoy the Web3.1415926535 version of this site. Of course, most readers of this site are robots, so bleep-bleep-bloop.


The Butler here. It has come to my attention that the RSS feed isn’t exactly updating like it’s supposed to. Those in charge of updating the RSS feed file have been sacked. Please excuse our mess. Please dispose of properly, and be sure to tip your waitress. Try the veal.


Hey kids. Administratus here (it’s really Shawn in a circus mask). Making a few performance upgrades and look-and-feel changes to Phaysis. It’s all in the name of delivering you, our beloved and adored, a kinder, better reading experience. Comments now have avatars to help you follow threads (we consider anything with 1 or more comments … Celebrating a Decade of High Hopes

> whois Whois Server Version 2.0 Domain Name: PHAYSIS.COM Registrar: GODADDY.COM, INC. Updated Date: 09-mar-2010 Creation Date: 14-apr-2000 Expiration Date: 14-apr-2011 Yeah, you read that right! Today, (this very website, yo) is TEN YEARS OLD! Oh shit! That’s older than most websites I visit. If it were my kid, it’d be in fifth …