See Level Flow

I have dreams of moving to a coastal city, something near big water. I miss easy access to looking across an expanse of waves, mind wistful and blank as I experience my place in the universe. Rama-rama, ding-ding.

But my sinuses have questions. The past few times I’ve traveled to humid or sea level locations (Seattle, Köln, London, etc.), my nose gets oversensitive to the humidity and causes trouble. Like, getting stuffy and runny and itchy until it builds to full-body sneezing. That kind of trouble. To the max. Walking into the Köln Dom foyer for a minute and then walking out for 10 so I can settle down without looking like a plague rat. And the sinus meds I find barely touch it without sapping my energy and attention to the locale I spent good money to get to.

But, for the sake of weight, I also travel without the humidifier tank on my CPAP (yes, I use one, don’t freak). So my mucus membranes dry out and crack at night, and at the first sign of humidity in the morning, they ramp up and flow nonstop until sneezing happens, in permanent cycle, until it finally heals.

So I have concerns.

I should do some experiments where I travel with my humidifier tank, despite the space and weight it adds to my luggage, and see where that takes me. I mean, it’s a punch to my brag that I can survive Europe for 2 weeks with only a 25-pound carryon backpack and an 8-pound day bag. But if I can make it work and improve my experience, fine.

Seems my sinuses don’t like high humidity, and my eyes don’t like low humidity. My body just doesn’t want me moving anywhere but where I’m planted. Stupid body.

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