Lyricosis Is Not Just For Lyrics

I was Today years old when I learned that what I thought was the German word “Stomptisch“, which I inferred was a meet-up where you tell funny stories around a table and slap it in laughter, is actually “Stammtisch“, meaning the table for the regulars of the biergarten, tavern, or restaurant. That’s it. That’s all it means. Table for the regulars.

So, uh, I guess my original mishearing wasn’t that terribly off from the actual word, but Ich bin ein Dummkopf for actually telling people what I thought it meant before I bothered to double-check. So embarrassed. And so angry that nobody called me on it.

I really am full of Scheiss sometimes.

So if someone tells you facts straight to your face and believes them outright to be as true as they tell, should you really trust them? Should you really trust me? I do have a history of believing incorrect things.

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