Mastodon Test, Formatted

So, I changed the ActivityPub plugin format type back to “Note”, have enabled Media federation, and am testing the conveyance of formatting to Mastodon.

  • Here is an unordered list.
  • This is option two of UL. Are you Elle?
  • And I like 3. Three for me. None for you.
    • Boo-hoo. Nested two.
    • And this too.
    • Oooh-wooh-wooo.

This block of text is in bold.

This block is in italics, but not because it’s Italian. In Spanish, that’s called “letras bastardillas“, but that says nothing about its parentage. Don’t get it twisted. There’s also green in the background. Them fatherless kids is wild.

This block is preformatted text.
Hey kid, I'm a computer.
Stop all the downloadin'.
Help computer.

My Heading

Anywho, we’re doing weird things here at Phaysis Dot Com.

Below is an image of something from the media library.

Gettin’ ready for tHANKSGIVING bok bok gobble boggle

#Phaysis @rufus @rufus wrote this, but you know that already.

And so ends our tour.
Please exit through the gift shop.

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