Eeyore in the Field

Eeyore’s Birthday. That yearly event with all the hippies in the park. It’s like Austin’s version of the Hajj: every resident has to go at least once in their life.

It was really nice to get out and be an anonymous face in a large crowd. I miss that. So many beautiful people. I felt out of place, cringe, like a creeper — but everyone else was gawking too.

And that’s the point. Quorum. By being in a crowd, you see your place. You learn about yourself when you learn about others. You learn about how you stack up. About how you carry yourself. About how you present yourself.

Anything to free us from our accumulated dysphoria.

While walking around, I saw 3 faces that I recognized but didn’t want to acknowledge, and 10,000 faces I wanted to acknowledge and didn’t recognize. My circle of friends and acquaintances could use a little growth.

But yeah. After several hours wandering, people-watching, drinking, breathing dust, smoke, and all the great smells, I meandered home on the bus, blitzed and tired, but feeling good about things.

Humanity is healing.

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