Parable of the Flood

A man and his home are under threat of a terrible flood. As the nearby river overflows its banks and fills his yard, the man’s neighbors come by on a tractor and ask if he would evacuate with them.

“No thanks,” he answers, “I believe God will save me.”

His neighbors nod and drive away to high ground.

The water surges and floods into his home. A rescue team powers up in a boat and tells him to evacuate with them.

“No,” he answers again, “I believe God will save me!”

The rescuers boat downriver to look for more evacuees.

The flood rages on to reach the ceiling, and the man climbs up onto his roof. A helicopter flies over and they lower a rope and a basket.

“God will save me!” he shouts as he pushes the basket away.

The helicopter lifts off to look for more stranded people.

Ultimately, the river crests over his roof and the man washes away and fatally drowns.

He gets to the gates of heaven and pleads, “God, why did you not save me? Am I not faithful? I believed you would save me!”

God raises his hands and tells the man, “I sent you a tractor, a boat, and a helicopter, but still you refused my help. Your boastful pride brought you here.”

As more of my friends and family fall to this terrible COVID-19 flood, I am reminded of this parable. Please, don’t decline the help; get vaccinated. With the mutations raging in the wild and washing over our homes, that vaccine makes all the difference between feeling ill for a few days — and death.

Please. Don’t be prideful.

Published by Shawn

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