Architecture is Fate

Some part of me can’t wait to return to the office. It sounds strange, yes, but if you consider that my work-from-home desk is in my bedroom, it makes sense. During the weekdays, I spend something like 80% of my day in my bedroom, between sleeping, working, eating during breaks, and playing with radios. Most of my day is in there. And that annoys me. I have a whole apartment.

At this point, the living room is just the place where I drink and watch streaming video. I mean, my personal workstation is in here, and I wake it up sometimes to make sure it’s still running. My shoes are in here. Backpack. Keys-wallet-knife. But otherwise, it’s all between my bedroom and kitchen.

So on weekends, I just don’t feel like staying in my bedroom once I wake up. I leave it dark, with just the blue of the sky filtering in through the stupid windows in my outside door. I don’t sit at my desk unless I feel somehow inspired to turn on my radios.

Architecture is fate.

Anyway, this is to say that I’ve not been doing my CW practice, like I’m supposed to do. I mean, I enjoy my CW class, and enjoy the homework when I’m arsed to do it. But otherwise I’m just cramming on the day of class just to say I’ve looked at the homework. “So what’d you guys think of the assignment?” “Eh, yeah, it was, yeah, [mumbles].” [everybody laughs]

One of these days I’ll live that full life everyone talks about.

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