There are people who are energy vampires. As you’re moving along in your day, they cross your path and drag you down, pulling as much energy as they can out of you, whether you know it or not. After your conversation, you’re drained and your day is derailed.

Those people are to be avoided whenever possible.

And then there are the people to whom you willingly give energy, and yet there is no reciprocal flow. You look up to them and perhaps get excited when they come around, but spend much of the conversation on subjects directly related to them and their lives.

They spend no energy on your troubles, nor do they celebrate in your victories.

Once you identify that the person you are willingly, gleefully, and perhaps habitually, giving energy to is giving nothing back, you’ve identified that there is a power dynamic in play. At that point, if you have any shred of respect for yourself, it’s imperative that you draw a boundary to save yourself. You must set a limit.

If you find yourself humming along and enjoying your day, and then feel a pang or twist in your stomach when someone you look up to comes around, you’ve identified a vampire. You already know in your heart of hearts that they will drain you like a sucker. Learn from that feeling.

Walking away is always an option.

If they’re socially savvy enough to manipulate you, they’re savvy enough to notice when you set a limit.

Find people who know there should be a multi-way flow of energy. That’s the golden mean. Strive for that. If there is to be any love in this world, we must all give and take equally.

Peers set limits.

Published by Shawn

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