“Why’s the fridge running all the time?”

Last thing I wanted to do on my holiday weekend was defrost my frost-free freezer. Seems the thermostat that controls the defrost heater is a little…busted. It’s time either for a surreptitious repair (by locating my own replacement part) or to file a maintenance request (since I don’t own this fridge). Really, it depends on who I want to blame for a bungled repair.

Yeah, it’s just, uh, a little busted.
Swept a forced-air heater between ends as I loosened ice and sopped up water.
Tried to work quickly before the main compartment got too warm. Never got over 40F, which is great. Freezer contents were stored on ice in an ice chest.
Freezer was holding 1.1 Liters of the tribe’s water.
All sparkling.

I’ll look around online and locally to see if I can find a part within the week.

BTW, this is twice in the past 2 months that I’ve had to defrost this thing. (Last time was around Thanksgiving.) I really should fix this ASAP.

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