Physical possessions are a curse. Especially when you have to move.

We spend our 20’s thinking, “I need more stuff.”

We spend our 30’s thinking, “I can afford this stuff.”

We spend our 40’s thinking, “I have too much stuff.”

Is it really a universal truth that if you need something, it will become available to you? And when you no longer need it, will you be able to overcome the sunk cost of acquiring it and let it go? What is the real value? And is this line of thinking just part of the consumption game plan?

“Need it? Buy it!”

That’s too pessimistic.

On the personal balance sheet, I’m fully moved out of my last place. Nine years to load stuff into the space, nine weeks to move it all out. And my spine is paying the price.

I should get acquainted with the process of selling much of the stuff I bought. Because the next move will be just as brutal, and I still have a storage unit to empty.

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