Flatline Lifeline

Feeling rather numb at the moment. Aside from the near event of SXSW, and the distant threat of COVID19, I’m kinda…flat. Actually thought about some counseling, to give that a try again. Looked up a few local providers; it’s all so weird, all these specialists and clinic with generalists. I don’t f’n know what I need, who I need, if we’ll mesh, et cetera. But I saw one provider’s menu of rates; $200/hr? Seriously? To meet enough to effect any sort of positive change, I’d have to meet, what, weekly for at least two months, right? Who’s got that kind of money? I’m pretty sure my own “catastrophic” insurance plan won’t actually cover any of it, just enforce a discount, but even then, is therapy a path I want to pursue? What’s worth more?

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