Forgotten Knowledge

Once upon a time, I had such an intimate knowledge of my own computer’s filesystem. Like, I knew exactly where I stuffed a file, because I had my own filing system, and could recall that image of a scan of a hand drawing I did. I knew it was in the “hand drawn” folder in my Photos folder, not my “scans” folder.

Now? Uh, there’s that folder I shove memes into, sorted by year. And those other files, like those PDFs for whatever, uh, they go wherever. Because google. If I need them again, I’ll do another google search. Because google.

On the plus side, I’ve learned to make liberal use of symlinks to frequent folders, so that way I can dump whatever into one folder and then drag-drop into the right spot. But even then, that’s such a dial-up era ideal, right? Because google. Right?

Because to hell with local storage, right? It’s easier to let google know what you want. Right?

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