On the Cosmology of Infinite Dreams

Dreamed a movie of an invading gang of heroes in a truck going down guided stone hallways, taking the right turns at the forks, further into the stronghold to the goal of finding the unseen villains, fighting the evil, saving the day. Holding on to the memory of the track back out, running out of bread crumbs, fuel, film, time. More turns, more hallways, further and further down. No end until expiration. Infinite.

Lifting out, I enter an infinite valley, lined with vacation homes, side streets, campground grocers, tackle shops, carnivals, gift shops, cabins, everyone on holiday, costumes, camping, walking, calling each other on radios. To the left, to the right, across the unseen river in the valley, everything in repeating patterns. I discuss the movie with my nearest person. I imagine other selves discussing the infinite movie with other nearest people.

He talks of it being intense, mind-bending; I explain my theory of it being like descending into a hard drive full of folders, each descendant folder is a link to some ancestor folder above. You follow those links, you descend infinitely, never reaching the end until you run out of memory to trace your way back up. Infinity consumes finite resources.

Recursive, looped, iterative; Infinity has different shapes to greedily absorb our linear efforts.

Does f(∞) equal 0 or 1?

Published by Shawn

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