Europe has different things by custom and design. Let’s take the most basic of essentials — toilet paper.

In Europe, the sheets are rectangular. Ours are square. It’s an odd thing to notice. Two of their sheets is three of ours. So for smaller tasks with a single sheet, you can actually do more with less. And there are fewer grades of softness. It’s just toilet paper. End of story.

Speaking of toilets, Germany has a different design on theirs. The bowls have a dry shelf that you poop on. So it plops there and sits until you’re done. When you flush, you press the #2 button on the tank and a massive rush of water gushes out to wash off the shelf into the water below.

And, of course, some of it is left on the shelf. So proper households have a brush next to the toilet so you can scrub away your evidence.

Why the shelf? To check on your poo? Health thing? Reducing the standing water in the bowl? Don’t know. The cause is probably as mundane as historical design not being challenged. Design inertia.

But yeah, Europe has two buttons on their tanks to control flush flow and duration. Less for pee, more for poo. You only see that in corporate offices here. And Germany even has a rocker valve so you can manually stop the flush early to save water. If only we had that in America!

All nations have shit. The difference is in how we deal with our own.

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