To See a Thing Clearly, You Have to Close Your Eyes

“Hey Shawn, why don’t you ever get political or express any of your opinions? Where do you stand on things?”

(Said no one in particular)

Well, Billy, here’s the thing: if I am ever emboldened enough to say my peace, I have to be prepared to defend my position, because someone’s going to bodycheck me just for the sport of it. And you know this. Honestly, I haven’t the will to turn energy away from my many other struggles to deflect unwanted blows. See?

Also, I wasted the best years of my youth carrying the flag of countless bigger-than-me causes which couldn’t give a damn enough to even learn my name in exchange for the favor of my free labors. I shouted and fought for masters who only used me to boost their numbers. Disposable soldier. Useful idiot.

I just don’t care anymore.

So, if you want to know a thing, ask me direct, but don’t expect a struggle. Push the issue, and you’ll find a stone wall painted with the words, “Yeah. You’re right.”

Published by Shawn

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