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Picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab E tablet a month ago. My big Logitech bluetooth keyboard works with it OK, but it created this stupid, annoying problem: every time I started typing, if I was the least bit sloppy with my shift key finger (left pinky) while pressing the spacebar (such as pressing space after the word “I”, which happens a LOT), the tablet would take that key sequence to mean I was selecting the keyboard language and would eat up the space keystroke, pop up a notification that I had selected the English (US) keyboard, and would pause my typing until the notification disappeared. I could not type delicately enough. This is untenable.

Screencap of typing
Trying to type “I am” it takes the remnant of the left shift with the spacebar to mean “change language”.

Luckily, I found the problem: in Android, all keystrokes (external or otherwise) are filtered through the selected keyboard input method. In this case, it was the default Samsung keyboard. Once I installed Google Keyboard and selected it to be the default input method, the problem disappeared because GK uses a different means to select language.

It’s the little things like this that just go completely under the radar and slip into production. Tiny little annoyances accumulate; so far, my experience with this tablet is lackluster (Bluetooth sometimes stops working and the SD card goes missing). Maybe I should’ve stumped for a more expensive model that’s had more dev resources allocated. Then again, who’s to know if Samsung functions like that?

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