More Blue Toys

I’m ever-acquiring more Bluetooth gee-gaws. I’ve been wanting a larger Bluetooth keyboard than what I had for, y’know, stuff, but really was kinda balking at paying more than $50 for something I may or may not use. So, uh, I found this:

A much bigger Bluetooth keyboard for all my mobile needs.
Big blue fingers.

So far, so good. Space key is a little hard to smack (as are some of the keys due to this being a short-action fingerboard), so I’m having to alter my typing style to make sure spaces are present. I like that it can pair with 3 different devices and that I can switch between them by pressing the yellow selector keys. What I don’t like is that it feels like Logitech manufactured this thing with a weight inside to make it feel more solid. If I’m buying something to be portable, then by gum it needs to be light. I think I’ll peel it open at some point and see about it.

You might ask me, “Why do you have this Bluetooth keyboard if you’re not going to use it all the time?” To whit, I respond, “Why buy a hammer if I’m not going to be doing carpentry all the time?” It’s a tool…there’s always the potential for a use somewhere.

Since I was already screwing around with Bluetooth devices on my phone, I thought that I would check out some headphones. I already have a pair (which aren’t so great), so how about something from another manufacturer?

Wireless wires.
Wireless wires.

Well, I guess these aren’t so bad for $25, but the high end is just not there. They’re not crisp. This makes me sad. Maybe it’s my old-man hearing, or the tight seal against my ear canals. I dunno. But at least they have bass and more-or-less stay in my ears, as much as earbuds do that sort of thing when I’m sitting still.

All this talk about Bluetooth has me eyeballing tablets, or something with more punch than my tiny Android smartphone. Found myself walking around the store poking at every tablet I could find. Them shits got me schemin’. I wonder if any tablets come with 4G radios…that’d certainly be a deal-maker.

I guess if I weren’t so tied to the necessity and functionality of the PC environment, I’d probably ditch my laptop in favor of a tablet. The future?

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