Palabra Jot

I’m thinking I need to sign up for some sort of creative writing class. I mean, sure, I like to write, and I think I’m fine at it, but I want to be more together with it, more regular, more devoted, more productive. Y’know? Something to knock me out of my doldrums.

See, I don’t do well when left to my own devices. I need a regimen, a schedule, a habit, a hobby. Y’know? So if I was in a class, or a writing group, I’d be more with-it. Seems the only time I write creatively is to rise to the challenge. My previous short, “To Dust“, was  written for an anthology I was invited to join; I had a deadline. I finished the first draft in a hard week or writing, finished the second and final drafts the next week. I rose to that challenge and wrote a good piece.

But that was over a year ago. I haven’t written anything since. I need motivation; I need a pitchfork in my back. Y’know?

The Austin Library has a Write Club class that meets every month for a few hours; thinking about joining along, see what’s up. Can’t hurt, right? I need to get more involved my hobby. Something. Something.

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