Back Fourty

Follow-up to Set Back:

Good news. Doc says the MRI shows I have herniated disks. The stabbing knife in my mid-back is a big herniation, the kind where the disk is bulging out of its space between the vertebrae and pressing against the spinal cord. That’s pretty cool. And I have three smaller bulges in the vertebrae in my neck which are responsible for the numbness in my left shoulder. See, nerves exit the spine and move downward and outward diagonally, so it makes sense the stabbing knife below isn’t responsible for the numb shoulder above.

Just flummoxes me that both happened at the same time. The past month has provided me more than its share of soft tissue injuries. First, a tendon on my right knee got stretched while standing up from a kneel. Then, my lower back injury (a previously-herniated disk from years ago) flares up because of how I’m walking to compensate. And now…two other spots on my spine.

I gotta get back into physical therapy and get my life back into shape. Or something. Suffer. Fine. See if I care.

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