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It was a weekend. A span of time passed undetected, uninspired, uncaring, into the night. And now it is almost Monday. Almost time to sleep. 6am arrives too early. Beyond that, my first day on the phone. I am being pushed into it, face first; trial by fire, I guess. There’s really only so much I can learn on my ass; the rest, I have to learn on my feet, and I suck at that. The headache I’ve been carrying since Thursday will only get worse, and I’m going into the workweek with fear, dread, and stomach acid. If I had a sense of self, it would be destroyed by week’s end, I can guarantee that. I cannot wait until I come through the other end of the gauntlet and have enough breath to laugh about it.

This weekend has been blown on watching movies. Not even full movies; just pieces of movies. I’m transcoding my entire DVD collection to an all-electronic format to be served by the Plex media center running on my house fileserver. As each DVD is ripped, I have to do QA on the output file to make sure it plays fine, has all the proper audio streams, has closed-captioning, etcetera, before I transfer it to the fileserver. I’ve watched almost all of these movies shortly after I bought them, obviously, so I don’t have to watch the whole damn thing. But there are a few in my collection that I’ve never watched, so there’s that.

If I offended anyone this weekend with my foul mood or glazed stare, I’m sorry. Take it with a grain of salt. I’m a little pent-up and alone these days, more so now that I’m working full time. Bedtime comes earlier than society allows, so I drop into the cafe immediately after work, have a cup, maybe talk with anybody I recognize, and then I’m off to my apartment to do whatever it is that I do before bed. It’s a quiet, soulless existence. My job really is eating at my headspace, occupying my passing thoughts. Perhaps I’m still trying to absorb new data and my mind is too preoccupied at the peril of me not looking like a human. Feeling really fucking awkward lately, and that’s why.

I hope it all gets better soon.

Oh, I got a note from my webhost that they will be transferring my websites to another server, so there may be an outage some time this week. I certainly hope it runs faster; these 30-second page loads are making me angry. But at $100 a year, I get what I pay for, right? The upside of my current job is that down the road I have the option of grabbing a scrap server and hosting my own websites on my own dedicated system. That sure is a tasty-looking carrot on the end of that stick.

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