I don’t know about you guys, but part of me is getting turned off by this social media thing. Law of diminishing returns, I guess.

I mean, I like keeping in touch with the people I know from near to far, from now to then, but it goes with the territory that reading up on their lives involves reading about their lives, that reading their thoughts on things involves reading about their thoughts on things. People have opinions, and they express them. As hard as Facebook works to make sure we’re all enveloped in an echo chamber of like-minded posts from like-minded friends, you’d think it would go down easy to read each and every ideology that cascades down my news feed…but it doesn’t. Everybody talks, and it’s work to go “well yeah, but nope” as I skip through the posts without bothering to read the comment threads (Internet comments are the worst, even in situations where you know the real name of the person commenting and could punch them in the face later that day).

Lately, my job has gotten heavy enough on me, psychically, that I just don’t have the mindshare or bandwidth to even go “yeah; no; yeah; you’re stupid, but I still like you; no; hide post; no really, just hide this post”. I’m actually closing the Facebook tab for hours at a time. Work time is work time, social time is social time. Maybe I’m growing out of it; maybe I’m worn down by the constant stimulation and distraction. Maybe I just don’t want to make expressing an opinion an uphill battle when I have more important matters in the real world to attend to.

It requires a good bit of personal energy to keep it current, and I get little of it back — most of that in the form of “Likes” from the same ol’ folks (God bless ’em). So, yeah, diminishing returns.

At least MySpace got me laid once.

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  1. As someone who has the words social media in their job description, I find that I am using FB less and less for personal posting. And that I skim and hide A LOT of things and people. I mainly use it for messaging. I’m finding I like twitter’s format more and more. Let visual distractions. All that being said it’s all a drain on my time and keeps me from doing what i should be with my free time like drawing or painting or other such creative outlets. But at work it does fill those moments when i sit at the desk with nothing to do but wait for the phone to ring. Guess i should reach for the sketch book instead of the computer mouse.

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