Not sure if you guys have figured it out, but I’m an introvert. Thought I should share that. More a confession, really, but a confession in the way that a congregant confesses his sins to a priest who already knows the congregant commits sin on a daily basis. I require plenty of time alone to process the stimulation, and I’ve been getting a watershed of stimulation this week. I need to vent, but I don’t need the quid-pro-quo of normal conversation. Extroverts call that sort of behavior “selfish”, but there it is.

Tonight, during my solitude, I watched Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk about education killing creativity. It’s a true fact (yes, I watched it). STEM is only half the picture; there’s an entire set of humanities and kinesthetics that’ve been overlooked. Maybe I’m more physical than I thought; certainly find myself thinking more clearly and creatively after a walk. Education in this country is designed to produce not smart and engaged people, but industrial workers and college professors. Professorship is the high-water mark of education, and this is wrong.

I was highly creative once upon a time. Eventually, I was cured of that. Now I require the excesses of alcohol and solitude to let it return. It’s a terrible shame.

I want a culture that celebrates the variety in culture before I’ll allow myself to stare at a window and daydream without worry that someone will think I’m slacking off. That’s more important to me this week now that I have a new job and a new manager who works near my desk. Even at work, I require downtime to let the wetware in my head put two and two together to create new ideas and a sense of purpose. Hopefully his heavy workload and high stress won’t color his perspective on my activities. Best I can hope for is the right metrics to speak well of my performance.

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