Risk Avoidance

Life is all fine and great if my projects and concerns are all fun and light and it’s hunky-dorey if I don’t complete them in due time. When it becomes For Real, like when my paycheck — and the company’s quarterly profit — are dependent on my performance, then it gets tense. Then I don’t wanna do any of it. Then I want to leave. Risk-avoidant behavior is getting the worst of me.

Still drilling down into why I default to this. Psycho-engineering. Grabbing for the switch to turn it off so even if I have a chance of failing and crashing hard, I just don’t care and plow ahead anyway.

Life isn’t always easy. That’s especially the case when there are people-who-are-not-me involved. Probably why I’m 41 and confirmed bachelor, why I’m 5 months unemployed. Risk avoidance. How about some reward-seeking behavior, eh?

Published by Shawn

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