People without opinions and agendas are boring. You cannot summon any sort of affiliation or hatred of them. No force, no electricity.

I say this not as a drop of wisdom in a sea of bullshit. I say this as a reflection. Some day, I’ll commit to feeling something about anything.

Magnetic polarities are essential for both motors and generators. As people move through the magnetic field of the opinionated, they generate ideas about that person. If the magnet is actually just an inert iron bar, then people pass by with no impression at all. They could revolve and pass by all day long, no induction. If a person, as wire, has a magnetic opinion field, then it causes them to move through another person’s magnetic opinion field toward an area of equal but opposite field strength. They then become a motor, moving, moving. If moving near someone with no opinion at all, there is no motive force, no ferocity, no passion. Just a dead motor.

I hate opinions, because I change them all the time. Want to be agreeable to all people at all times. Therefore, no polarity. No force. No coherence of my dogmatic magnetic domains. Friends pass through and nothing registers on their voltmeters.

Is this a problem?

Published by Shawn

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