Yogi On the Path

Ripples and troubles with my yoga training. Good sessions, not so good sessions. Perplexed. I have limits. Physical limits. Things that are tight that should not be. Joints that should bend but do not. Mental limits. There are a lot of things at once to pay attention to. Posture, the roll of the leg, the position of a shoulder, the length of spine, the openness of chest, the force applied through the toe, the gaze in the distance, the breath, always the breath. Always with the interpreting what I need to be doing. The hard part, understanding the goal of the pose, understanding that when I am to be stretching the hamstring, I should be stretching the hamstring, not straining my calves, for instance. Balance; I don’t feel balanced. Nobody is perfectly balanced, sure, but when I lay flat in the savasana, I should feel somewhat level, but I don’t, I feel warped, uneven. The imbalance makes me tense to relieve the imbalance, and I have to remember to relax. Relax. This will take me a long while to be able to see myself, to see my body, to see where it needs to be, to see how to get there. Awareness. Proprioception. Control.

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